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Creating Screenshots

Screenshots are required if you are submitting your clock to the database for other users to download. This is to provide users a quick glimpse on how your clock would look like. If the clock is for your own use, screenshots are not necessary.

You can only add screenshots on unpackaged clocks.

  1. On ClockTunes, load your clock and close the config page.
  2. If the current clock is a Dropbox clock, tapping anywhere on the screen should bring up the Developer button together with the music controls.
  3. Tap on the Developer button and select 'Reload Clock' to ensure you are displaying the lastest clock updates.
  4. Tap on the Developer button again. If the clock is an unpackaged clock, 'Take a Screenshot' option should be available.
  5. Select 'Take a Screenshot' and a dialog box will appear.
  6. Choose the type of screenshot you need and ClockTunes will start uploading the new screenshot into your clock folder.
  7. 'screenshot1.jpg' will now appear on your clock folder.
  8. Repeating the process will add more screenshots to a maximum of 4 screenshots.
  9. If you deleted a screenshot file, ensure you reload your clock before taking new screenshots otherwise an error might occur.