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Adding Images

Images are what provides the look/design of your clock. Adding images is easy as copying your files to your Dropbox clock's folder.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Only PNG/JPG files are supported.
  • Since PNG are lossless and supports transparency, it's the recommended image format. Although, JPGs are great for backgrounds since they usually have smaller file sizes.
  • ClockTunes currently does NOT support subfolders inside your clock folder. All images has to be on the root clock folder.
  • Retina display on new iPads requires images with double the resolution. To make your clock look great on all iPad models, provide images for both type of displays.
    Adding retina images can be done simply by renaming your high-resolution images same as your regular images but suffixing it with '@2x'.
    For example, a regular resolution image named 'minutehand.png' will have a retina image of 'minutehand@2x.png'.
  • Keep in mind file sizes. Do not oversize your images, keep it the exact pixel size your design dictates. Having oversize images will not look good when resized and will increase your packaged clock size.